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The skin - an essential human organ

We know more than 2.000 skin disorders and every human being experiences several of them during a lifetime. Several of them are very common, sometimes easy to diagnose and treat. Others are complex, difficult to diagnose and hard to treat. Some are life threatening and / or significantly impair the quality of life.

Only well trained dermatologists can differentiate between "simple" and "complex" skin disorders. Therefore, even "seemingly simple" skin disorders should be evaluated by dermatologists.


Patient Services

The department of dermatology, Innsbruck Medical University, offers patient services in dermato-oncology, for HIV/AIDS patients, maintains dedicated outpatient clinics in allergy & immunology, autoimmune skin disease, photomedicine, psoriasis, chronic wounds, phlebology, laser treatments, proctology, genodermatoses, a general dermatology clinic, dermatopathology services, a day care unit, 3 inpatient wards and 24/7 acute dermatologic care for patients from all over Western Austria. A dermatosurgery unit consists of 2 operating theaters and one procedure room. Hospital-based dermatologic care is complemented by basic dermatologic care provided by dermatology specialists in private praxis.


The department is fully accredited for specialty training in dermatolo-venereology and in dermatopathology. Rotations are offered for trainees in pathology, pediatrics, general medicine and other specialties.

Medical student education includes several lecture series (pathophysiologic concepts, general dermatology), case-based small group teaching, practical courses and student rotations. There is a special emphasis on using up to date interactive teaching tools. For students interested in research, the department offers enrollment in several PhD programs.


Research and Development is a strength of the department of dermatology in Innsbruck. Research projects are funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) and other funding agencies and involve close links to leading research institutions in Austria and abroad. Translational research is carried out in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industry.





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