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Center of Genodermatoses – Disorders of Cornification Innsbruck

Numerous rare diseases present with manifestations in the skin or other ectodermal structures such as hair, nails, teeth, connective tissue. These disorders are very visible, can be clinically devastating and often have psychosocial impact on the patients’ lives. Nevertheless, knowledge about the genetic basis and the molecular pathogenesis is often incomplete. Therefore, we are often lacking effective therapies.

To improve the situation we have founded the center of genodermatoses – disorders of cornification Innsbruck. This center is linked to the existing expertise in the rare disease field at the Medical University Innsbruck, i.e. the center for rare disease Innsbruck (ZSKI) and the human genetics department (www.humangen.at). Our aim is to provide spezialized patient care, research and teaching and to link our activities to other national and international initiatives. Specific aims are:

(1) To provide comprehensive, multi disciplinary care for patients with rare skin disease to improve diagnosis, therapy and patient management.

(2) To pursue research projects to generate new therapies and to translate biomedical research into the clinics.

(3) To provide teaching with input from multiple disciplines to educate students at the Medical University Innsbruck in the field of rare disease.

(4) To collaborate with national and international partners.

Cooperation with the center of genodermatoses – disorders of cornification Innsbruck offers excellent opportunities for clinical and scientific networking, specifically in the areas of ichthyoses, rare dental and connective tissue diseases. Interdisciplinary cooperation within Innsbruck and with outside partners enables this center to combine clinical care, teaching and translational research. The ultimate goal is comprehensive chronic disease management, counselling and translation of research into clinics.


Universitätsklinik für Dermatologie, Venerologie und Allergologie | Anichstrasse 35, A-6020 Innsbruck

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